Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance

What is GWOPA?

GWOPA brings together a wide variety of actors and stakeholders from the water sector.

The Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) is the organization set up to promote and support Water Operators’ Partnerships worldwide. GWOPA leads WOPs promotion, facilitation and coordination, and is the principle source for WOPs knowledge and guidance. By scaling up effective WOP practice, GWOPA aims to contribute to meeting national and global water and sanitation commitments, including those relating to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Human Right to Water.

2015 Steering Committee structureAlliance Members include a range of organizations working towards the common goal of making Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs) happen more often and with greater impact. GWOPA counts among its members’ utilities and utility associations on all continents, international financial institutions, labour unions, civil society organizations, development partners, and learning institutions. Membership is free and open to all institutions interested in contributing to the work of the Alliance and adhering to its Charter. 

The GWOPA Secretariat translates GWOPA’s mandate into strategies and programmes. It implements,2016Secretariat through collaboration with a range of partners, annual alliance work plans which include support for regional WOP platforms, WOPs direct brokering and funding, financial guidance and support, development and management of WOPs knowledge, branding, alliance and partnership building, as well as advocacy and communication activities.

The GWOPA Secretariat is run by a dedicated team of staff at UN-Habitat, the United Nations programme working to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all.

The GWOPA Secretariat is hosted by the City of Barcelona with support of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its offices are based in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona, a hub of international organizations and knowledge institutes working on various development issues which also become home to the bi-annual Global WOPs Congress.

Regional and National WOP Platforms foster WOPs practice amongst utilities from neighbouring countries. Since its foundation, GWOPA has been helping establish WOPs platforms around the world to support intra-regional (mostly south-south) WOPs. GWOPA works with organizations anchored in the regions or countries including professional associations, financial institutions and NGOs, to make WOPs a prominent component of their ongoing efforts to support operators. WOP platforms are now operating in several regions.