Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance


GWOPA is governed by an International Steering Committee that provides strategic direction to the Secretariat.

GWOPA’s International Steering Committee is comprised of a set number of representatives from each of WOPs stakeholder categories, the Steering Committee includes water operators, operators’ associations, and WOP platforms from regions around the world as the majority of its members, as well as private sector water operators, non-governmental and civil society organizations, labour unions and development partners. The Steering Committee meets annually to review annual reports and workplans and to provide strategic guidance.

Half of the Steering Committee is turned over through elections every two years at the GWOPA General Assembly. There are a fixed number of seats for each category of member, and each membership category elects its own representative(s). More about the International Steering Committee.

The Integrity Sub-Committee, elected from within the Steering Committee, helps ensure that the GWOPA Principles and Code-of- Conduct are being respected in WOPs implementation. The ISC was established in 2010 and its membership is renewed every 2 years.

Maintaining the WOPs principles is important both for the credibility and effectiveness of the practice. Anyone with questions about the WOP principles or concerns about adherence to them in WOPs is asked to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your email will be treated as confidential. More about the Integrity Sub-Committee.